Processed Delicious

In Food on 04/17/2010 at 9:36 am

Sometimes, I want a greasy hot dog.  And nachos with processed cheese.  Washed down with a beer that costs six dollars.  Concession Food at its finest.  FoodEntertainment synonymous with sporting arenas and concert venues.

The most recent trip was to a hockey game.  Hot dogs were a dollar which balanced the cost scale a tad.  Slathered with runny relish, dispenser ketchup and mustard, topped off with chopped onions probably sitting out since the last time I was there.  There were also nachos, pictured here, with unnaturally colored cheese and canned jalapenos (absent from the picture because I had eaten them all).

One key beauty of concession food is the complete lack of fooling yourself.  You KNOW this stuff is bad for you in every aspect.  All redeeming qualities of the original product have been processed, heat-lamped and deep fried out. It’s a respite from caring, counting and calculation for a brief time; your trashy friend you allow yourself to hang out with occasionally.  These comestibles are salty, unpretentious, and come with their own uniquely shaped containers.  And they would never call themselves comestibles.

Understand, eating this crap all the time will fry off your taste buds and askew your general sense of reality.  Restrain yourself until at least one thing is a dollar.

Thanks for the picture A.R.!

Fact I know for a fact:  Snakes sneeze.

  1. Hotdogs are nasty. This post gives me heartburn.


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