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Big News! Texas Hill Country.com & Redlinededit.com

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Greetings! Honky Tonk Foodie articles going forward can be found at the stunning and informative website TexasHillCountry.com.

Also, Honky Tonk Foodie has her own business: Redlined Editorial Services. If you need written content reviewed or created, contact me via Redlined

Thank you for your support!



Face Plant

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HonkytonkFoodie is on Facebook and the world wide web!


Just Terrible

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Hello.  My name is Honkytonkfoodie and I have a problem with consistency.  Sorry!

I can say I am judging two categories of the San Antonio BBQ Cookoff and will provide a full report of how that goes.  In the meantime, here is a random picture and a bizarre fact.

That’s my niece.  Don’t be ridiculous, of course I gave her that onesie.

Pest fun fact: Weevils are more resistant to poisons in the morning than at night.

Buck up Buttercup

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I have a concern I would like to address to the ladies.  If you frequent honky tonks, even irregularly, you are bound to encounter someone who is annoyed to be there.  In my experience, this person is usually a female.  Of course I have no way of knowing the circumstances, whether they are mad at their boyfriend, their friends are being annoying or they don’t want to be the DD again.  These subjects tend to sit down the majority of the evening with their arms crossed.  They never crack a smile or acknowledge their surroundings.  In fact they are incredibly good at never breaking character.  Not once have I seen someone come in with this type of disposition and leave happily.

I understand that everyone has their off nights and their reasons.  Ultimately my beef with these people is that they aren’t even trying to have fun.  Honky tonks are what you make of them.  So have a beer and calm down.  Embrace the honky tonk.  The honky tonk is YOUR friend.

Post surgery fact: Alfred Hitchcock had no belly button when he died.


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I’m taking a holiday break.  Back next week with goodies.

Purple Christmas

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I got Purple Haze for Christmas!  Cheers!

Not sure if its true fact: In South Africa,  @ is called “aapstert” wich means a “monkey’s tail”.


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Taking off for Thanksgiving.

Intriguing nub of info: The Drug Clomipramine caused inadvertent orgasms when yawning for about 5% of users.


Big State Festivus for the Rest of Us

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On October 13 & 14 2007, a gathering occurred just outside of College Station at the Texas World Speedway.  It was a wonderland of music, harmony and bag chairs.  The weather was nice (overall), the setup was good, people even recycled.  Music ranged from Drew Kennedy to Tim McGraw.  Although famous country singers are of no interest to me, I did appreciate their presence as a weed-out factor to see honestly talented Texas musicians in peace.

Musical highlights: Leon Russell, who I really wanted to see at least once in my life, played a great chill show which set the mood for the weekend, merging hippies and rednecks.  Billy Joe Shaver, seemed thrilled to be there, was very energetic and whose set list truly highlighted his song writing range.  The Gougers were on a quiet side stage, making it easier to enjoy their music. I will admit we skipped most of Willie Nelson but that is only because we had seen him while working the weekend before.  Tied for first, with Lyle Lovett, as my favorite performance was Charlie and Bruce Robison with Kelly Willis.  Unbelievable show.  We got there early to get good seats, which was a brilliant idea since people kept wandering over.  Bonus: Saw Kelly Willis at the port-a-potties.

Good: Lots of port-a-potties and no lines, music started mostly on time and ran on schedule; major props to the schedule Nazis with headsets who kept that going, a wide variety of food and retail vendors, nice merchandise range not outrageously expensive, huge tent with bar and giant TVs showing college football, great exposure to new and seasoned music from the Texas scene, stock car racing, during which I learned my best friend is a closet NASCAR junkie as she explained every detail of the race, including a roadway beat down (awesome!).

Annoying: Lyle Lovett and Lynyrd Skynyrd playing at the same time.  Quiet awesomeness with screaming southern rock on caddy corner stages.  Scheduling people should have done a tad more research.

Really Bad: Heineken light.

The day of Robert Earl Keen’s performance the grass caught fire and burned some vehicles.  If you are an REK fan, you know the monologue from his No. 2 Dinner Live CD which describes his experience at Willie Nelson’s Second Picnic at Texas World Speedway in College Station where his car burned up.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Alas, this festival was supposed to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship but this dream was never realized.  Despite nothing but positive reviews and generous crowds, the people in charge couldn’t get their act together and Big State is no more.  If you missed it, let this be a lesson to you: Carpe freakin’ diem.

Fun and check-and-see provoking fact: There is no period after the Dr in Dr Pepper.

Disclaimers and Clarifications

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Day One of personally uncharted blog territory.  I imagine this to be a written form of talking to oneself which is a specialty of mine, therefore, stream of consciousness will be the general style.

Foremost, I am not a professional in either the honky-tonk scene or food industry.  There is no formal training documentation framed on the wall and I am first to admit vast gaps in exposure and knowledge on many, many topics including honky-tonks and food.  Disclaimer complete.

The term honky-tonk may be foreign to some and nebulously confusing to others.  For all purposing of these writings, my personal version is a dance hall where Texas music is played.  Texas music can mean Texas country, alternative country, Americana, Texas rock country, rockabilly and other variations.  What Texas music does NOT mean is country music which is typically played on CMT and national radio, although there are occasionally acceptable cross-overs.

Foodie is also a term which needs to be addressed.  I know the difference between a cherry and a grape tomato.  Apparently this is the test.  There are separate but equal places in my heart for greasy hole in the walls as well as shishi poo poo comestibles.

Now all that’s settled so let’s begin.

Hello world!

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Is this thing working?  Is this thing on?  Is Todd Snider out there?