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Road Trip #15 – Two girls, Andy, Buc and Pat

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 12/08/2013 at 3:48 pm

Goodness, it has been an embarrassingly long time since a real post was written here.  To be fair, I’m lazy.

The day after Thanksgiving, my photographer and I headed over to Fredericksburg, TX.  My first restaurant choice turned out to be a chain (esh!) so we hit up the first place we saw while coming into town, Andy’s Steak and Seafood Grille, supposedly the oldest continually operating restaurant in Fredericksburg.


This place very much has the small town vibe of the same customers who order the same thing every time.  While the menu had a fair amount of options, I was torn on which item to choose and not because they all sounded enticing.  Fare is standard Texas diner style: beef in various forms, uninspired vegetable dishes and an okay salad bar, which got instantly downgraded due to the complete lack of bacon bits.  The horror!

My chicken fried steak had a better gravy than I have had in quite a while but it was still Not Awesome.  Fried okra lacked sufficiently crispy breading and the french fries provided a lifeless performance as the supporting side dish.  But the real victim here was my travel buddy, AR, whose plate looked like this:


Let me explain: this is a hamburger patty with brown gravy, not unlike the more well known item of our childhoods, Salisbury Steak, with a piece of mildly cooked bacon tossed across it.  Nothing about it was appealing.  And to the people of Fredericksburg who eat this on purpose, no.  Also, there were three instances of bacon on this plate.  I have special feelings for bacon just like the next guy, but I have seen it used too many times as a fix.  Cooks of the World, bacon is not your band-aid.

Personally, I felt the prices were a bit high but that may be the result of a tourist town establishment.

Next, we went to Buc’s Bar and Grill.


The early crowd mostly sat around the bar.  We chatted with a slightly deaf older gentleman who asked us the same questions several times and, after some confusion, bought us a beer.  Once he wandered out, we utilized the surprisingly nice bathrooms and played pool (terribly).


A nice selection of beer and friendly bartenders, it was oft repeated that this place is the after party hangout.  Go later if you prefer a busier bar.

After Buc’s, we got stupidly lost despite what turned out to be good directions but eventually made it to Pat’s Hall.


Originally opened in 1928, it is now owned by a couple who runs a publishing company out of it and rents it for events.  Occasionally, dances are scheduled around such events.  We walked in to an open room with cover charge ladies and a long stone bar behind them.  The beer selection is wide and well priced.


If you plan to sit, ensure a table reservation has been made.  The outside area was well constructed around a huge, beautiful tree.  Central heating and air could not be confirmed; bathrooms were small but nice.  Although this honky tonk was not the typical wooden structure, the architecture is a snapshot if it’s time and is unusual for beer joints.  Lots of dancers, from very young to very old.  AND, my favorite dancer of all time was also there: The Trotter!  See him once and you’ll know what I mean.  He’s tall, he’s skinny and he trot dances like no one I have ever seen!  Godspeed Trotter and God bless that woman who keeps up with you!

Happy trails!

Only fact involving Babe Ruth and veggies: Babe Ruth kept a cabbage leaf under his cap to keep cool.