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Road Trip #8

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 01/18/2012 at 8:06 pm

We roadtripped the HELL outta New Braunfels/ Gruene!  Great group, good times!

We’re missing six here but you get the idea:

After herding into several vehicles, we arrived at our dinner destination, Cooper’s BBQ.  Order at the pit, get your fixin’s (and chopped bbq sandwich, if you are so inclined) and round up a drink.

Don’t pay for a pickle and don’t pay for beans; they are free for all next to the soda fountains.  Bread is also available against the far wall.

Pricing is pretty standard for bbq, which is not saying it is cheap but you do get quite a bit of meat.  Big winners were the Prime Rib and Pork Ribs, and apparently the coleslaw and pecan cobbler:

I would recommend steering clear of the chopped bbq (peppery but otherwise bland), the sausage (greasy and ho-hum) and the beans (there is a reason they are free).

The place is large and rightfully equipped with long picnic tables, adorned with paper towels and giant jars of jalapenos.  Not a big crowd that night; I have been a couple of times at lunch and it has been noticeably busier.

After dinner, we loaded up and drove about three feet to Billy’s Ice House, a converted drive-thru beverage barn.

This place was mostly empty except for a crowd at the bar when we got there, which made it a bit difficult to order a beer but not a serious issue.  One pool table, which was having technical difficulties, electronic darts and patio heaters.

Beer was in the $3 range, the bathrooms were large and well kept.  Due to the acoustically-challenged metal siding and cathedral ceilings, it did get very loud inside once the band started.  Most of the tables were full upon our departure.

Next, we headed to Tavern In the Gruene which was just a hop, skip and a jump away.

I wasn’t sure what to expect on this one, as the website has one lone picture of the inside and no one from the venue returned my email (ahem).  The building is composed of one main room with a bar and several side rooms.

We ended up behind the fireplace at a large table, were able to hear the music and still chat.  A good amount of people were there to hang out and/or to see Drew Kennedy.  Noise level was tolerable, bathrooms were well maintained and beer was around $3+.  Competent bartenders, which are always appreciated!

Thanks again to everyone who came out!  Great chatting with all of you!  Special thanks to the convoy drivers and, of course, the official photolady of HTF!  See yall on March 24th at Anhalt Hall!

Who ever heard of such a thing? trivia: Until the mid 1800’s, marshmallows were made using sap of the marshmallow plant.