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Road Trip #6

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 05/22/2011 at 6:18 pm

Last Saturday, we hit Hwy 281 and headed to Albert, Texas, with a pit stop in Blanco.  We dined at the Redbud Cafe, which is right off the main square in town.

Great old building with the last hundred years of rainfall recorded on the wall, courtesy of the Blanco Lions Club, although someone dropped the ball in 1999 and it rolled away…

It is set up deli style, taking orders at the counter and the staff brings items out to your table.

This system proved to be a wee bit disorganized but the place was busy so it must not be too much of an issue.  Also serving as a pub, beer is available on tap and in bottles, plenty of Real Ale, as it is brewed right there in Blanco.  I ordered the seasonal Devil’s Backbone tripel, delicious!

I ordered the special, which was a hefty black angus burger with homemade pimento cheese and bacon.  Wow.  Genius was the pimento cheese on a burger idea.

All parties were in consensus the food was delicious.  Judgments were based on the items below, which include roast beef, tortilla soup and Portobello mushroom sandwiches.  And Mexican cokes, which really, how can you do wrong?

Potato salad was trying too hard to please everyone and, therefore, didn’t knock anyone’s socks off.

The slice of chocolate cake will set you back $4.50 and is more than tasty.

It’s dense and not super sweet, with just the right amount of chocolate and awesome.  And a special thanks to my friend K.A. who always manages to find room for dessert.  For research purposes, of course!

On the way out of town, we went the wrong way and happened upon a quaint little biker bar, WB Saloon & Cycles.

Rumored to stand for “Wicked Bastard”, they had a wide selection of beer and a nice setup.  Definitely has its regulars and more likely than not, probably gets a hair rowdy as the evening goes on.  A good place to have an afternoon beer on the side of the road.

Then we did the honky pokey and turned ourselves about, back the right way towards Albert.  A lovely, relaxing drive to ‘town’.

The town of Albert has roots in 1877 and keeps going from there.  The town is named after Albert Luckenbach, who was apparently so awesome he has TWO towns with TWO legendary dance halls named after him.  A young Lyndon Baines Johnson attended school here.   The Albert Dance Hall was built in 1922.  In October 2007, the town was put up for sale and purchased in 2009.

Here is the dance hall:

This is the ice house:

This is a picture of both buildings:

The dance hall is for dancing and the ice house is for drinking.  While the dance hall serves beer inside, it is more expensive than at the ice house.  The ice house has plenty of stools, tvs and overlooks the beautiful pasture, dark but nice bathrooms and the 600 year old tree.  They take cash and cards.

The dance hall is an open set up, with windows (read: no air conditioning) and has off-floor seating only, which is nice to be out of the fray.  Cash only.  Plenty of room for dancers both good and bad, old and awkwardly young.

What a great place this is!  Two Tons of Steel was the perfect sound for the space

and were fine listening next to the stage, outside the door and over at the ice house.

I can not recommend this place enough.  Very nice, native Texas facilities that exudes a rich history of good times amongst solid people.  Everyone was very friendly and the HTF regulars all had a delightful time.  Albert is a little bit out of the way but it is well worth it!

See how happy it made us?!?

Special thanks to my photo gal, A.R. who drove her ride.  Thanks to A.S. who carted me around, and to K.A., D.S. and J.F. for making HTF what it is!

HTF will be taking a short break to get married and escape the oppressive summer heat.  See yall again in the fall!

Maybe not a coincidence? trivia:  May 26th is National Blueberry Cheesecake Day and National Sorry Day.