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Road Trip #9

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 04/01/2012 at 12:24 pm

Greetings!  I apologize for the delay in posting. Work took me out of state for the week. Here we go!

Highway 46 was the home of HTF Road Trip Number 9.  First off, Antler Cafe, which has two signs but one location.  When you see this one, you’re in the right place:

There is a subtle theme here; try not to miss it:

We had a large group so I called earlier in the week to see what needed to be done.  The lady on the phone told me they do not take reservations but if I called ten minutes before arrival, they would start setting aside tables for us.  I did just that but talked to someone who didn’t seem interested in that information so when we got there, there was a wait.  The place was jumping and all the inside tables were full.  There is a nice patio, half covered, outside which apparently not part of the seating list inside.  After putting us on the list, I found two HTF superstars had gotten there ahead and snagged three tables outside.  The point of the story is check outside if crowded.

The menu is not extensive but they certainly know how to cook what is on it.  (Numbering needs a little work though.  When did the number 3 become superstitious?)

Team HTF rose to the challenge and covered a good portion of the options:

Frog legs – Despite the trouble before, I went for it.  This time, somebody was truthful about their cooking skills.  Perfectly cooked, light and white!  Clean flavor with simple melted butter as a dunk option (every third bite or so). I peeled off the fried breading…

Chips and Salsa – fresh chips, smokey salsa puree.  Not a matter of good or bad, just of preference.

Stuffed Jalapenos – reports were solid on these, although be warned they were filled with cheese of the cheddar family, not cream cheese.

Chips and Queso – leaned more towards the whiter queso variety, which I prefer.

Chicken Fried Steak – good report here, maybe a little over battered (a very common problem)

Chicken Strips – was too busy stuffing my face to get a report on these but they looked good!

Pork Chops – really delicious!  Cut of meat a little thin but the seasoning was exactly right and the cooking technique spot on.  I am not a big fan of pork chops generally, but these were very tasty.

Hamburger Steak – quite scrupulous!  Jalapenos were fresh and complimented the fried meat well.

Ribeye – a thinner cut of meat than preferred by the recipient but reportedly well cooked.

Hamburger – I’m just going to let the pictures speak for themselves.

Special shout out the mac and cheese which had little bits of jalapeno and was fantastic!  This place is a bit sweet on this pepper, so don’t be afraid to ask for items without, if you’re not into jalapenos.

And if you can’t finish it all, don’t worry.  There is a nibbler beneath your feet…

So, when the food had disappeared and the belly rubbing commenced, we walked literally across the street to Texas 46 Bar & Grill.

Two main rooms make up this place.  The entry is the bar part, with tables and the Bar.  The other room has a dance floor and a small stage.  Several people were eating when we came in.

Karaoke was the (unintended) treat for the evening.  Everyone was mike shy except one local future American Idol contestant and a very spunky member of Team HTF.  This is her in action (I am truly sorry you missed it!).

We all enjoyed this place.  Small town vibe; people are glad you came but don’t feel the need to sit down at your table & chat.

On to Anhalt Hall!  At the risk of sounding like my grandmother, What a treasure!  Places like this are the reason everyone should support Texas dancehalls and get out there!  Turned off the road, drove down through dirt, gravel and darkness to this grand building.

Inside boasted amazing architecture details, hints of the past and friendly folk who just want to dance!

Someone forgot cash, so they let her write down her number and gave her cash, trusting to run it later.  History is rich here and the people are happy to talk to you about it if you’re interested.  The dancing floor was huge and great acoustics for the Cajun band we saw.  Going strong since 1875, bands play more than once a month.  No air conditioning or heating, and cash only but they do have MGD 64 and Shiner.  Cheers!

Thanks to everyone who came out!  Special thanks to official photographer extraordinaire A.R.  Check out the rest of the pictures on Facebook!


Spring flowers make HTF happy trivia:  “In 1901, the Texas Legislature adopted Lupinus subcarnosus as the state flower, but this was amended in 1971 to include L. texensis and “any other variety of bluebonnet not heretofore recorded.” At least four other species of bluebonnet grow in Texas: L. havardii, L. concinnus, L. perennis, and L. plattensis.”  (Thanks Texas Highways!)