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Road Trip #14 – Veering from the Plan

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 05/29/2013 at 6:55 pm


By far the most evolving Honky Tonk Foodie Road Trip, #14 began at the 4.0 Cellars Winery, a facility orchestrated by four different wineries throughout Texas.  The grounds, although not extensive, are well landscaped; weather was perfect for sitting outside and listening to live music, which we commenced after our tasting.


A typically tasting will run around $10 and includes six wines.  While most people prefer to sample either the red or white list, our group mixed and matched, or paid to taste all 12 wines.  Palate cleansing plates are available for purchase.  The range of wines was varied and each person had a favorite and strong dislike.  Afterwards, we paid for a glass to savor on the porch.  Cost by glass is a bit excessive considering it does not include the glass.  To purchase the bottle is a better deal.

Although we planned to go into Fredericksburg for dinner and music, mapping revealed a considerable distance and our interest has been piqued by a closer establishment, The Pink Pig.


Fortunately, we were early in the evening and reservations were not needed but I would recommend calling ahead.  Attached to a bakery, this restaurant is purely patio and includes a bar with televisions as you first enter.  A strong sulphur smell permeates the area and is only unnoticeable when eating.  Bathrooms are in an adjoining building.  The view is outstanding.


We appetized on Oyster nachos and lamb queso.  I personally sampled the Pulled Pork on Fry Bread, Mediterranean Chicken and Steak Frites; the Side Beet Salad received favorable adoration.  Every item was lusciously paired and cooked.  No single flavor stood alone on any of the dishes: textures melded, tastes carried seamlessly into the next, smells carried a metaphoric come hither.



Of course, all these delectables come with a price so be prepared.  Service was attentive and accommodating.

Sisterdale Trading Company & Saloon was our final pit stop.  Although not technically a Honky Tonk, it does have live music (sometimes, apparently) and is right across the street from the historic Sisterdale Dance Hall, which is not typically open for dances.  Therefore, the place across the street in the closest HTF is going to get.


A smallish inside with a large beer garden area, the road on one side and on the other, a beautiful view of a field on a working cattle ranch.  At 115 years old, this place is what I imagine any 115 year old to be: hospitable, entertaining and not in the mood for sourpusses.   The crowd can range from three to hundreds.  The bartender is a stand up gal; the bar takes cards and carries MGD 64.


A delightful evening and pretty drive.  We’ll head into town proper in November for a true dance hall experience.  Happy trails!

Even Worse Trivia: The mayonnaise is not what makes potato salad turn, it is the bacteria from the potatoes.