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Spinelli’s Vistro in Boerne, TX

In Food on 12/26/2011 at 1:07 pm

Happy Holidays!  In my desire to kill time before New Years at my favorite little honky tonk, here is a food post with terrible pictures. (Sorry! Didn’t have my official photographer present.)

Spinelli’s Vistro Restaurant is on main street in Boerne, closer to I-10 than the HWY 46 bridge in town.  Parking is a bit of a mystery; we parked on the street beside it.  As this is also an event venue, there might be a lot but it was dark and we didn’t see one.  Outside, the building is a mix of Hill Country rock with Alsatian woodwork.

Inside is a mix between a German beer hall and down the rabbit hole.

http://toosoxy.wordpress.com/2011/09/19/down-the-rabbit-hole/Here is a view from our table towards the front door:

which is why its bad

Now, I don’t always drink wine but I do have an unnatural amount of grey hair and expect to be provided a wine list, which the hostess did not give us.  In fact, she actively skimmed over it to gather our menus and seat us.  But our waiter was efficient without being pushy and provided easy recommendations.

The menu is not extensive but has many good options.  I was under the impression the place was Italian (maybe it was the ‘vistro’ thing) but was incorrect.  I ordered the Caribbean salad, hubs got the All You Can Eat Catfish.



The grilled chicken, shrimp and pineapple were all cooked very well.  Waiter’s pick of the Honey Italian dressing was spot on.  The iceberg lettuce, however, was a big fat letdown.  What is the point of having a nicely topped salad when its bedding is crystallized water?  I would have gladly paid a couple more dollars for a nice spring mix with an ounce of nutritional value.  C’est la vie.

Catfish had a tasty breading which contributed to the flavor but did not overwhelm.  The actual fish, however, was a bit undercooked.  Edible but still a little translucent.  Potato wedges and coleslaw were predictable but good.

As previously mentioned, this place is an event venue and their attentions may be more on the catering/ hosting side.  The wine options were well crafted and laid out on the menu for pairing.

Also, it was the Friday before Christmas and they may have had a skeleton crew.

(Thanks to the website and a random blog in which I stole the decent pictures shown here.)


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Formal Events vs. Honky Tonks

In Honky Tonk on 12/10/2011 at 6:30 pm

Last night, I attended a fancy holiday party for work.  It was at a very nice hotel, with a wide assortment of beer and people being generally classy.  Tonight, I will be attending a show at a honky tonk.  The joint is old, the beer selection is relatively limited and at least one person will step on my boot.

First the similarities of these two events:

  1. Loud music
  2. Social awkwardness
  3. Cleavage
  4. Tipsy women
  5. My boots

That is about it.  The company party was an obligation which involved dragging my hubs and refraining from making commentary (within earshot anyway), while tonight, I am leaving my space-heater warmed home on the range, and driving in the cold and rain to hear a band I can’t recall a single song I know.

What is my point?

You can’t force fun.  Honky tonking is good for the soul.  Support your local one today!

And now, a gratuitous picture for you visual people.

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