Events at Reviewed Venues July 29th – August 3rd

In Honky Tonk on 07/29/2013 at 7:20 pm

Billy Bob’s Texas, Forth Worth:

August 2nd – Charlie Robison $16

August 3rd – Wade Bowen $22

Billy’s Ice, San Marcos:

July 29th – Gypsy, Wes Nickson, Payton Nicole FREE

July 30th – Lost Immigrants FREE

July 31st – Aaron Stephens FREE

August 1st – Zack Walther Band FREE

August 2nd – The Washers FREE

August 3rd – File 13 FREE

Floore Country Store, Helotes:

August 2nd – Micky and the Motorcars $12

August 3rd – Johnny Bush and the Bandoleros $25

August 4th – Jimmy Crib  FREE

Hanging’ Tree Saloon, Bracken:

August 2nd – Geronimo

Railroad Blues, Alpine:

August 2nd – The Sideshow Tragedy $6

August 3rd – Doug Moreland and the Flying Armadillos $8

Riley’s Tavern, Hunter:

July 30th – Kyle Reed FREE

July 31st – Mike Ethan Messick FREE

August 1st – Tiffany Alana Dodgen FREE

August 2nd – Amanda Jo Cevallos – FREE

August 3rd – Buster Ellisor and Banana Hammocks $5

Sam’s Burger Joint, San Antonio:

July 29th – Moot Davis $10

July 31st – Truth & Salvage Co. $12

August 1st – The Jam at Sam’s $12

August 2nd – Jerry Fest $13

August 3rd – Omar & The Howlers $12

August 4th – The Reliques $10

Tavern in the Gruene, Gruene:

July 29th – Court Nance FREE

July 30th – Crow Black Chicken FREE

July 31st – Crow Black Chicken FREE

August 2nd – Tony Taylor and Claire Cunningham FREE

August 3rd – Buster Jiggs $3

August 4th – Jason Eady $3

The Old Coupland Dance Hall, Coupland:

August 2nd – Billy Holt

August 3rd – Brady Honeycutt

Twin Sisters Dance Hall, Blanco:

August 3rd: Armadillo Road Band $8

White Elephant Saloon, Fort Worth:

July 29th – Crop Dusters FREE

July 31st – Morris McCann FREE

August 1st – Nate Kipp FREE

August 2nd – Tejas Bros $10

August 3rd – Don McRay, Ronny Spears $8

August 4th – Scott Copeland, Matt Middleton FREE

Immature (Tee hee) trivia: Actor Jon Hamm previously worked as a set designer on soft-core pornography films.


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