Foodie in a Honky Tonk

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 07/24/2013 at 2:44 pm


It is time to tackle a topic I have avoided: Food in Honky Tonks.  Eating in honky tonks is a slippery slope I prefer to circumvent.  Of course, there are places with scrumptious food but these being atypical, convenience is key and can hoover your will to venture out beforehand to a standalone establishment.  Below is a general guide to comestibles found in and around the hallowed halls of honky tonks.


§  Nothing – too bad for you.  Check to see if your dance partner has gum or you can find that Whataburger fry dropped under the truck seat last week.

§  Snacks – Chips, cookies, bowls of peanuts.  Prepackaged items are the better of these option; just get Doritos and enjoy your descent into junk food cravings.  Do not consume anything open or left out.  Men walking out of the restroom wiping their hands dry are a rare sight.

§  Basic items – burgers, pizza, chicken tenders.  With some notable exceptions, usually this food is pre-frozen, purchased at a wholesale warehouse and slapped together.  If that is your thing, go for it.  Also, the foodie aspect of this blog is not for you.

§  Restaurant in house or next door – this is the best option but proceed with caution.  Sometimes, these restaurants are their own delicious adventure, while other times, they are simply capitalization.

§  Associated Food – In this situation, food is not served directly by the venue, rather by truck, proxy, or wandering vendors.  Use your eyes here to tell you whether this is a good idea or not.

Sometimes its best to leave these things up to the professionals.

Similarities with your hamburger Fact: Cows have best friends.


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