Events at Reviewed Venues July 15-21, 2013

In Honky Tonk on 07/15/2013 at 2:34 pm

Anhalt Hall, Anhalt:

July 20th – Jeff Woosley and Dance Hall Kings $12

Billy Bob’s Texas, Fort Worth:

July 19th – Corey Smith $20

July 20th – Aaron Watson $16

Billy’s Ice, New Braunfels:

July 15th – Jeff Jacobs Band FREE

July 16th – Emily Herring FREE

July 17th – Aaron Stephens FREE

July 18th – Austin Gilliam FREE

July 19th – Sam Riggs, Tyler and the Tribe FREE

July 20th – Midnight River Choir FREE

July 21st – Joe Teichman FREE

Coupland Dancehall, Coupland:

July 19th – The Crop Dusters

July 20th – Kenny Orts

Floore Country Store, Helotes:

July 20th – Curtis Grimes, James Delgado $10

July 21st – Kathy Bauer FREE

Hangin’ Tree Saloon, Bracken:

July 19th – Jack Man & the Hoe-Downers

Rail Road Blues, Alpine:

July 19th – 7 Year Drought $5

July 20th – The Texas Belairs $7

Riley’s Tavern, Hunter:

July 16th – Steven Roloff

July 17th – Michael Fletcher

July 18th – The Bad Intentions

July 19th – Amber Digby

July 20th – Jason Arnold & The Stepsiders

Tavern in the Gruene, Gruene:

July 15th – Court Nance FREE

July 16th – The Blooms FREE

July 18th – Jordan Minor FREE

July 19th – Tony Taylor and Claire Cunningham FREE

July 20th –Kyle Reed $3

White Elephant Saloon, Fort Worth:

July 15th – Crop Dusters FREE

July 17th – Guthrie Kennard FREE

July 18th – Ryan Ready FREE

July 19th – Darryl Lee Rush $8

July 20th – Bodie Powell FREE, Gary Kyle $5

July 21st – Don McRay FREE


Tuna safe Trivia:  Dolphins don’t drink sea water.  They hydrate through the foods they eat.

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