Road Trip #12.5 – Austin and the way home

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 02/05/2013 at 3:31 pm

Revisited Evangeline’s Café, this time armed with my official photographer and another ac-CONN-plice.

Outside Evang

Cajun happiness radiates from this small strip center in Southern Austin.  The neighborhood is houses and gas stations; it is easy to pass up this nugget.  I have not actually been inside but it seems crowded and loud.  Sitting on the porch is quieter but the fish tank effect can be a bit unnerving if someone is sitting at the same table inside.

 A lot of great music comes here.  Get here early if you’re here during a music set, as the stage is just in a corner.

 Beer selection is varied if you are an Abita fan and wide for all other options.  Service was generally good.  We only once wondered where our waitress had gotten to, which is just enough to question shift changes or bathroom breaks, not enough to evoke napkin nibbling.

 Napkin consumption is by far the worst option while at Evangeline’s.  We started with an order of Gator Bites.


The breading was even and well suited for melding the flavors of meat and the perfectly complimenting aioli sauce.  Just to be sure of their excellence, we ordered more.

 Main entrees included:

a Shrimp Po-Boy, which got two thumbs up, Shrimp

a cuppa Red Beans & Rice and a cuppa Gumbo, which received favorable reviews, RB&R more so,


and The Peacemaker Po-Boy, a concoction of Fried Oysters, Cheddar, Bacon & typical po-boy fixings.


 The Peacemaker was delectable. Let me tell you why: fried oysters involve progression from a hardened outside to the rewardingly squishy inside.  Bacon has a winning way with breaded items.  Cheddar is a tasty glue which complimented both aspects of the sandwich.  Containing such tectonic movement can be challenging to contain on French bread, let alone pairs ingredients to tie together.  The Peacemaker does all of this well, leading to my analysis that the name is a reflection of the delicious balance created from forces of opposition.

 Ridiculously full and starting to speak in tongues of Creole, we headed to The Horseshoe Lounge on South Lamar.  Located in a sea of mostly generically trendy, The Horseshoe Lounge was just as Slaid Cleaves sang, except smoking is no more.  And it was full of youngens’ trying to be cool without being cool.  Needs more old people who haven’t seen the sun in 24 years.  Parking is weird (which is VERY common on South Lamar), only one bartender and no 64.  Get there early and leave before the hip joints let out.

HS Sign

 Eventually, we fled Austin and pit stopped at Riley’s.  They had a large crowd and a screaming band.  We walked away from the cover charge, got called back by the door guy and let in since the show was technically over.  Their 64’s were rodeo cold, the band didn’t stop and there was no place to sit, so we hightailed it to Happy Cow (Riley’s 1, Happy Cow 2).  Seating, cold beer, good quality music by Slim Bawb and that awesome pinball machine.  Friendly folks and indoor plumbing topped off our adventure!  Thanks to A.R. and first time participant, S.C.!  Also, a different S.C. for taking me to Evangeline’s the first time.  Join us in March at the London Dance Hall!

 Why is he curious? trivia: Two hours before Paris fell to the Nazis, H.A. and Margret Rey fled on bicycles. They were carrying the manuscript for Curious George.


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