Haikus to the beat of Honky Tonk Foodie

In Random on 10/24/2012 at 4:00 pm

Count with your fingers.

Literary HTF.

Unleash the haikus.


Relaxing with beers

The dancehall is cool and dark

Dance and laugh with friends


Hats on the ceiling

Tiny little elephants

I am bad at pool.


A museum to dance

History seen and unseen

Each place the oldest.


Cowboy hats have rules

Straw for heat, felt in winter

Get it shaped with steam


Christmas lights above

Older couples slide in tune

Windows propped for breeze


These beans are not good.

That brisket tastes like sunshine.

Cut, eat, toss, judge, cracker.


The band is too loud.

Your pool table is broken.

Have my beer? We’re good.


Everything with jewels

More sparkle, more maintenance

Hard to hid from law


Those are some nice boots

The stitching tells a story

That you paid too much


It’s time to road trip.

Join us on November third

Specht’s, Shade Tree, Twin Sis


I can fly! fact: Emperor penguins can propel themselves fast enough through Antarctic waters by releasing tiny bubbles of air from their feathers: The air acts as a lubricant, reducing drag as they swim up from the depths. (From photoblog.nbcnews.com)


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