Road Trip #10 – All I’ve gotta do is Act Naturally

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 07/16/2012 at 7:45 pm

Saturday with the Honky Tonk Man, what could be better?

Road Trip #10 was a windy trip through South Texas.  Let’s get started!

Falls City – Home of Shorty’s Place
Located just past this spit of a town in an old house, Shorty’s opens into a smallish room where the register and kitchen are located.  Larger room to the left with lots of tables.  Services was attentive and people cycled through pretty quickly.  We were uncreative with ordering at four chicken fried steaks between the five of us.  I was intrigued by the Fried Rabbit option but couldn’t overcome the country wisdom of not eating rabbits in warm months (worms, ya know).

Salad came with the entrees and was weird.  Shredded lettuce, shredded carrots, shredded cabbage and crispy Chinese noodles.  A slice of tomato would have gone a long way.  Ranch dressing by the gallon and my favorite kind of bacon bits made it okay.


Props to the cream gravy, which was grease based and not runny.  The chicken fried steak would have greatly benefited from seasoning.  One of the four was ‘chewy’.


My Steak Man went with the 26 oz. option.  The usual amount of gristle and bone applied.  It was pan fried.  If you don’t mind your sirloin this way, go for it.


Apparent stand outs were the onion rings and pecan pie.  I did not sample however.

Karnes City – Home of Reggie’s


Located in an old house (see a theme?), this place was a bit shady on the outside.  No windows and dark, with two pool tables, regulars and naughty pictures in the toilets.  A single communal sink is wedged between the doors.  Beer was $2 and ice cold.  Group visits to this place are probably best.


Kosciusko – Home of Kosciusko Hall (and not much else)
Pronounced KA-CHOO-SKO (maybe), it is right across the street from the church (so you can drag your sinning self over the next morning).  As the concert was outside, I only ventured indoors for visits to the facilities.  Oddly enough, a band was playing in addition to the outside show, and a lot of people were dancing.  Some routines just don’t get disturbed, I reckon.  Overall, not a very pretty place.  Utilitarian design, with a long bar to the right.  Double check plus on the air conditioning.  Everyone saw someone they knew and good times were had.

Here is some swoon material for you:


Okay, I know that’s not enough.  See the Facebook page for a video of booty shakin’ greatness.

The road was long and home was far so we stopped off at this little cowboy looking bar:

Floresville – Home of Roper’s Dancehall


I’m glad we didn’t make a special trip to this place but they had decent parking and a bemused cop.  Bartenders were more attentive to one side of the bar than the other.  Small but adequate sized dance floor and plenty of seating.  Crowd was not too rowdy and someone in our group even received a compliment on his (admittedly super fancy) ostrich boots.  There was an after party at Tyler’s house, but we didn’t know who that was so we headed back to town.

Thanks so much to L.H. for driving his truck, K.A. for being my go-to for steak and dessert testing, A.R. for doing her photo thing, J&D for meeting us and my husband for coming!

Jesus sees what you are doing Fact:  The church is Kosciusko was founded October 27, 1898.

  1. Oh what a great trip! Anything with Dwight can’t be bad!!

  2. Love it!! In Mississippi Kosciusko is pronounced KOZ-EE-US-CO. I’m sure it’s different in TX but in case you were wondering! LOL!

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