Satan wants his weather back

In Random on 06/24/2012 at 4:46 pm

It is hotter than seven hells down here and I haven’t done a thing but whine about living in an un-air conditioned trailer from 1964.  But there’s hope, ladies and gentle dancers!

July brings out Dwight Yoakam to Kosciusko Hall (don’t ask me how to say it) and August is a research trip out of the south texas bubble to some famous places that gave honky tonks a good/ bad name.  Stay tuned for some write-ups and photogenics!

Here’s a picture from a wedding trip to Albert!  Note the snazzy new boots.  Jay is carrying me because I can not dance or maintain a beat but I sure love those waltzes! (Don’t act surprised, I disclosed this dirty secret at one point and here.)

Busting Balls trivia: Putt Putt is a registered trademark for a miniature golf franchise headquartered in North Carolina and can not be used by others for the amusement park or miniature golf business.  The miniature golf holes used in the construction of a golf course are copyrighted designed.

  1. Those of us from mississippi pronounce that KOZ-EE-ES-CO. Have fun in the heat! Good luck!

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