Road Trip #7

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 10/24/2011 at 7:45 pm

What a big night in Adkins, TX!  We got a little lost, and almost in an accident but it was all on the call of the road.

First we ate dinner.  Loop 107 Burgers Bakery & More blends a little bit into the neighborhood but it well worth the uncertainty.

I had initial concerns due to the lack of blazing lights inside and not a single car to be seen in the parking lot.  We did show up about 45 minutes before they closed, but were welcomed.  Basic inside, with hodgepodge furniture.

In either an insight of genius or murphy’s law, I forgot my lactaid pills.  This was good and bad.  Good, because it prevented me from ordering the special like everyone else and the blueberry cream cheese fried pie.  Bad, because of the previously noted reasons.  If cheese and creamy are your nemesis also, take some pills because most menu items had some form of dairy.  Two of us had sandwiches.  The patty melt and southwestern grilled chicken breast options were very tasty.  I had the chicken; with fries, it was fulfilling and well-cooked.  Double points for crisp jalapenos with just the right heat.

And then there was the special:

Chicken fried chicken with minimal breading, homemade mac and cheese and green beans, which tasted canned but that was the table’s 2:1 preference.  Overall the food was well-constructed, clearly individually-made and delicious.  Crafted food at its simple finest.

Try to save room for one of these softies:


Quite possibly the best oatmeal raisin cookie I have ever nibbled!  You know what those cookies needed to taste better?  Nothing!

Swell place.  Low-key atmosphere but very accommodating service.

Next, we tooled over to 4 A’s Sports Bar.

Small and square interior with clean bathrooms and a friendly bartender, this was a perfect intermittent beer stop.  We watched the locals play pool, consumed $2 beer and haggled the TV and each other.

Finally, we moseyed on down to Kicaster Country Store. 

This place is out in the bushes but an enjoyable venue.  The inside was filled with bar patrons, i.e. people watching baseball and chatting.

Outside had the band, dance space and a better set of bathrooms.  We chose outside.

Small dance floor with tree in middle, the crowd was mostly locals and family friendly.  The band and setup need some fine tuning but the place was great for chatting amongst friends.  Cheers!  Special thanks to the drivers and official HTF photographer.  Thanks for coming out!

Seriously pointless trivia: The Playboy Bunny costume is the only non-service uniform to have been granted a U.S. Patent.


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