HTF is back. Where the hell are you?

In Food on 10/01/2011 at 5:50 pm

I am hitched, honeymooned and homesteading.  Let’s get back to the basics of love, yall.  Love of Honky Tonks and Food, of course!

A couple of months ago, the hubs and I went to Acadiana Cafe, outside San Antonio.  I have sampled their food a few times from a festival cart (yea, fried pickles) but have not been to the bricks and mortar place in a long, long time.

Living in Louisiana for a year instilled a profound appreciation for Cajun food, although I am by NO means an expert, so bear with me.

The place is quite large and setup for flow of many people and large groups.  They serve beer, wine and margaritas; Abita was a nice touch.  Service was a little sluggish but attentive.  About six tables were occupied when we were there, so it could go either way when busy.

My order was two pistolettes stuffed with etouffee, which came with a house salad.

Yes, that is cheese on the salad.  Again, I don’t get why this is a thing now but I’m going to gloss over it.  Ultimately, I didn’t eat it anyway because those other plate items were so delicious.  First, the bread.  It is French bread, fried (!) like a beneigh so it is slightly sweet, lightly crispy on the outside and bready on the inside.  Thank goodness there were two on the plate because one was just not enough!  Delicious!  The etouffee was also tasty.  Spicy light gravy with sweet shellfish.

I also ordered a side of greens.

After splashing on generous amounts of hot peppers in vinegar,

I dug in with abandon.  Great job on these.  The bacon was an accent only, then the onions brought their flair and finally the greens were a burst of roughage, not overly cooked but soft enough to nibble.  Well paired with the pistolettes and iced tea.

The other order at the table was boudin on a bed of red beans and rice.

Being much too full to take a bite, hubs said it AMAZing.  He’s kind of new to the Cajun movement and can be a bit picky but he was a big fan.  The plate was cleared pretty quickly.  Success!

This place was very good and, quite frankly, one of your few Cajun cuisine options in the area.  Thank your lucky stars they take food seriously.


Stature fact: Louisiana is the only state that still refers to the Napoleonic Code in its state law.

  1. That boudin and red beans n rice looks super tastetastic!

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