The Magnolia Pancake Haus

In Food on 01/16/2011 at 9:54 am

This weekend, the BF and I went on a breakfast quest.  I say ‘weekend’ and ‘quest’ because it took both Saturday and Sunday to get it right.  The idea was to steer clear of our usual two options: Bill Miller breakfast tacos or Chicago Bagels.  Good breakfast in this area is not completely elusive but takes imagination sometimes.  After some discussion, we tried our hand at Magnolia Pancake Haus.

I say tried because we didn’t get there until 9 am and the wait was 35 minutes.  We instead went up the block to a diner which has only recently begun serving breakfast.  They should stop.  No further comment.

So, Sunday morning, we got out of the house earlier and made it there around 8:30.  There was no wait, although when we left a little after 9, all the waiting areas were filled.  The cashier said Sunday is worse than Saturday.

Many, many things on the menu looked awesome.  I am rarely a person who craves pancakes but my two choices came down to a lemon poppy seed waffle and the Jambalaya Omelet.  It was a toughie but I went with the latter which is chicken & sausage accented Creole jambalaya in a fluffy three egger, topped with mild Creole sauce.  Normally it comes with Jack cheese but I omitted it.

The Creole sauce definitely looked like salsa but it didn’t taste anything like its appearance.  Here is a shot of its innards:

Mostly rice with more flavor, less chunks of meat, the sauce and spices melded perfectly with the egg.  Although I was unable to finish the entire egg portion, the rest was consumed.  A delicious medley without the heaviness I expected.

BF got the Magnolia Breakfast, which consisted of three eggs any style, Magnolia Browns and one specialty breakfast meats.

There was so much that was right on this plate.  First, the eggs were actually over medium and the hash browns were actually brown.  This is at the very least difficult, if not impossible to come by (thanks Lyle Lovett).  Secondly, the side of pancakes were awe-inspiring.  Light, dual taste of a well-made batter, cooked by a dedicated fire.  It is no accident this place is named after these delicacies.  Please, if you go here, at least have a side of pancakes.  They are perfect.

The coffee was also tastastic, as was the spicy tomato juice.  Service was quick and efficient but I did not feel hurried (helpful not to see the waiting area from our table).

They are open 7 days a week 7:00AM to 2:00PM, breakfast is served all day, everyday and lunch is served Monday thru Saturday starting at 11:00AM.

Just imagine fact: the original prototype of the Monopoly board game was circular.


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