Back in the Saddle Again

In Honky Tonk on 10/23/2010 at 9:16 am

This past week, I re-visited two joints from previous road trips: Rihn’s and Devil’s Backbone.

Rihn’s was very low key.  We chatted with Sandra, played video crack (photo hunt!) and admired the sexy toilet. Also got to see some dance tickets and a calendar from the 50’s.

Devil’s Backbone was a little more wound up but it was a Friday.  There were two dogs roaming around inside, one rocking a Halloween sweater.  Within five minutes of sitting down, my friend was asked by the bartender to head to the back table so Pat could get a good look at her.  His eyes aren’t so good, you see.  Then some lady in the bathroom offered her a modeling contract, full of adventurous travel to Arizona.  The rest of the evening involved $1.75 beer, an invitation to a biker wedding and meeting a guy named Rush.  Who was incidentally thrilled both of our names are the same and proceeded to chorus them loudly.

Just wait to see what happens next time!

I’ll just have the salad trivia:  Every time you lick a stamp, you’re consuming 1/10 of a calorie.


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