In Food on 09/13/2010 at 8:26 pm

Spent Saturday with the Ladies celebrating the first 30th birthday of A.S. at the J.W. Marriott.  Lovely place, wonderful time with friends.  But this is a blog about food, so let’s get to it.

We dined at one of the restaurants in the complex, Cibolo Moon.  Conveniently located off the sub-level lobby, the crowd was mixed and the layout openly grandiose.  We had reservations, but a moment was needed to prepare our table.  I always find this odd but am rarely perturbed by it.

Having not eaten much that day, I had to be forcibly restrained from devouring the mini biscuits brought to the table with raspberry preserves.

While substantial enough to keep me from gnawing on the tablecloth, they were having a bit of an identity crisis between bread and sweet.  Not much of either but the spread was a nice touch.

The menu, displayed on individual clipboards, was not extensive but had several appealing options.  This is me struggling with indecision:

Here’s the menu for yourself:

My eyes wandered between the deviled eggs appetizer, wide noodle pasta and bucket of skillet chicken.  I decided on the latter and greatly appreciated the candid advice of the waitress on the sides (pickled items are not all they are cracked up to be).

In the meantime, several people ordered cocktails.  A huge standout was the strawberry jalapeno martini, recommended by our waitress.  Surprisingly more jalapeno than strawberry, it was earthy, smooth and delicious.  It was a savoring drink of sweet heat.  Passed around and ordered multiple times.

Food arrived in a timely manner.

Bucket of skillet chicken with sweet relish mac salad:

Breading was light and golden, chicken a tad dry but well cooked and maintained a consistent, understated flavor.  Salad needed more sweet relish and less mayonnaise but its coolness was well-paired with the crispy fowl.  Would have appreciated an actual plate with edges though…

Bison meatloaf with Mac & Cheese:

Two things I found initially odd about this plate:  1) Why serve high end mac & cheese in a Stouffer’s-like container? and 2) Have I missed the cheese-on-meatloaf phenomenon my whole life?

Reports of the mac & cheese were nothing out of the ordinary.  I did try the meatloaf, sans the cheese, and while the loaf itself was well seasoned and quite good, the sauce was barbecue in nature and overwhelming.  The breakaway from tomato sauces is understandable but I think a little more time needs to be spent in the kitchen on this one.

Wide noodle pasta with pit roasted chicken, mushrooms & bacon:

I lusted over this menu item but in my lactose paranoia highly suspected it would be creamy in nature.  Which it was.  Crisis averted.  I heard it was good though.

Dessert was ordered, but at this point, the previously wonderful service slowed considerably, and by the time the pecan pie and molten fudge thing were served, I had emotionally moved on from food for the evening.

We did enjoy, however, a lovely tequila tasting led by a very informative manager.

Unfortunately, being seated at the end, coupled with an already shortened attention span, I did not hear much of what the host said and instead contemplated his hair for the majority of the time.

Overall, a lovely experience at Cibolo Moon.  Not somewhere to make a special trip for but a very nice option while at the hotel.  Professionalism was a high point here.

Thanks to A.R. and J.S. for the great pictures!

But how? trivia: Cats lap liquid from the underside of their tongue, not the top.


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