No Kind of Dancer

In Honky Tonk, Random on 07/17/2010 at 6:20 am

As previously mentioned, I am no kind of dancer.  Which means I spend a fair amount of time checking out the dance floor.  Watching people dance is fun, especially older couples whose movements are incredibly in tune.  There are many styles of dancing in honky tonks; I’m only going to hit the most amusing ones.  The men will be picked on here because, as the leader, their style goes.  In no particular order:

The Walkers and Shufflers:

This group usually consists of younger guys and people new to the two steppin’ scene.  Instead of keeping time and whirling around, they either walk as they would on a sidewalk, only with a little more exaggerated knee bend, or they shuffle their feet around the outskirts of the floor.  The saving grace of this group is usually a tender woman, who comes along and shows them how to pick up their feet AND be on the sawdust at the same time.  Both sets tend to be a little awkward and bashful, which makes them adorable.  Also easy to relate to because most dancers began in this manner.

The Butter Churner and The Boxer:

The most easily recognizable of the styles, it is best to watch out for these folks because their arms are out to the side or straight up in the arm.  Butter Churners arms go up and down (like churning butter, get it?  No?  Here.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLh3s9X5fJQ).  The Boxer’s arm is straight up/ almost straight up and demonstrates more of a fist pumping action.

Here are two pictures of people dancing.  Can you spot the Butter Churner and the Boxer?

The Butter Churner:

The Boxer: 

(Easier to identify in real life)


These couples are forces to be reckoned with because they move unpredictably and quickly.  Their style tends to be a combination of very fast dancing and high knees flung in the air.  Don’t be fooled; this way takes serious concentration and years of practicing.  This group is least likely to venture out of their twosome.  If just watching a couple dance makes you exhausted, you may be witnessing a Trotter.

Lastly, The Neck Gripper/ The Personal Space Invader:

Admittedly, some chicks really dig this style.  These guys are the most likely to ask strangers to dance.  Maybe because some chicks dig this style.  The Neck Gripper is very much in control; not only with a strong lead but also by locking down an iron hand on the back or side of the partner’s neck.  The Personal Space Invader prides himself on every inch of his front touching his partner’s front.  Some take it even further by thrusting their knee in between yours ( you know who you are) while dancing.  Here is a picture of close dancers:

We’ll check back with them in nine months.

As noted, there are many, many ways to dance in a honky tonk.  These are just my favorites.  Thanks to the websites from which I stole pictures:




Political trivia:  President Herbert Hoover and The First Lady conversed with one another in Chinese when they did not want others to know what they were saying.

  1. […] Here’s a picture from a wedding trip to Albert!  Note the snazzy new boots.  Jay is carrying me because I can not dance or maintain a beat but I sure love those waltzes! (Don’t act surprised, I disclosed this dirty secret at one point and here.) […]

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