Bit of Mexico in Bandera, TX

In Food on 07/07/2010 at 5:16 pm

New places to eat have been cropping up in Bandera.  A few have wavered from the Mexican food route but I haven’t been there and this is not a post about those.  This place is behind Super S and is called Bit of Mexico.

I have heard it is open late night, which no other place in town is, but I did not confirm it nor did I see hours posted.  The building itself is basic with a very nice deck which backs to the river area, as seen here:

We sat inside, as it is July in Texas and we are not mentally incompetent.  The menu was basic and, while not extensive, had Tex-Mex classics along with general crowd pleasers such as chicken strips.  As previously mentioned in this blog, I am extremely weary of new enchiladas, especially in a restaurant I have never been.  Feeling saucy, and with a crispy taco backup, I went ahead with the Mexican plate consisting of two enchiladas, rice, beans and that all essential taco.  My iced tea was good and prompt; the waitress was a little leery of us but warmed up and was consistently nice.  The obligatory table chips were a good girth and the salsa maintained a nice spice kick.

The additional bit of Mexico beyond the food was a corner gift shop that reeked of a tourist trap in Nuevo Lardeo.  Floor to ceiling were ceramic pigs (which I never got the point of, thanks Kenny!), embroidered dresses and Mexican cooking vanilla.

Additionally, what was decidedly Mexico in theory but completely non-Mexico in execution were the people singing and playing guitar in front of the shop.  They were very talented and pleasant to listen to but made chatting a bit awkward.  According to the myspace page of Bit of Mexico, music is featured every Sunday from 12-2.

Food came out about five minutes after I started wondering about it, which is not a bad wait.

The rice and beans were quite tasty, featured consistent textures and came in appropriate portions.  The enchiladas were a little too greasy cheesy but the interior cheese was perfectly melty.  My taco, A.R.’s taco and K.A.’s tacos were all ground beef and were all undercooked.  The meat was pink; so pink I wondered if the kitchen was unlit.  Needless to say, I did not finish the taco.

Others got a chicken quesadilla and chicken nachos.  The quesadilla was solely chicken and cheese but the tortilla was crispy and I was told the queso/pollo ratio was well executed.  The feeling was similar regarding the nachos.

This place didn’t suck and I would like to return in the future for further sampling.  Just keep an eye on your ground beef!

Thanks for the pictures A.R.!

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