Like eating in a Gym

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 06/27/2010 at 10:44 am

On the last street in Abilene, TX (literally)

the Best Friend and I had lunch at The Gym Diner (325) 677-5255, a combination drive thru convenience store/ sit down diner/ bar with optional limo service.  The hours on the front are apparently something to pay no mind to since we wandered in past one o’clock and ordered food without any issues.

This building is an old gymnasium (note the doomed roof) with coolers and about six tables inside.  The menu was pretty basic (hamburgers, club sandwich, etc.).  We ordered our food at the counter and the same woman who took it, went to the grill and started working on the food.  With an original basketball board

and the women’s bathroom both a former locker room and a lost scene from The Shining,

this place was quite unique.  The owner was chatty and very nice, letting us know they had further plans to highlight the ‘gym’ elements.

Food-wise, delicious hamburgers.  A cheeseburger with a side of waffle (!) fries is nice enough, especially when they make it immediately but this was tasty awesomeness.

Both ladies informed us the hamburgers are hand molded every morning and never frozen.  I very much enjoyed the thickness of the patty which was not paper thin nor grotesquely chunky, as well as the pickles added underneath the meat instead of with the cheese and tomato on top.  Everything was fresh and had the taste of a well-seasoned grill.

Although we did not venture into the bar part (which was on the other side of a half wall behind a closed door), I co-labeled this a honky tonk because

  1. I am sure it is.
  2. Because they had both Schlitz and Pearl Regular.

I have never even seen Pearl Regular.  The owner told us their beer distributor did not carry Pearl Light.  Different worlds, I suppose.

And no, unfortunately, your eyes are not deceiving you.  The picture also includes *sigh* Ed Hardy beer.  I will only comment to say Just when exactly Does an already obnoxious trend get worse?

This place was a nice break from the road and fit in nicely with the small town feel of the day.  And proved to be much better than concession food.

Thanks for the pictures A.R.!

Lonely reptile fact: Female Komodo Dragons can reproduce without a male.


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