A is for Auslander

In Honky Tonk on 06/27/2010 at 12:54 pm

Almost back from our road trip, we stopped in at The Auslander http://www.theauslander.com in Fredericksburg to wet our whistles.

Both a restaurant and a biergarten (BEER GARDEN) with nighttime live music, I’m going to count this as a honky tonk, although being on the main street of a town with a ten month tourist season almost disqualifies it.

We parked in the back and bellied up to bar in the patio area.  Smoking is allowed everywhere outside, so beware if dining or opposed.

The bartender was efficient and attentive.  Beer selection was varied but not vast.  No one will be in danger of too many options but there were several from multiple genres and the staff answered questions and were generous with the samples.  I was not in an adventurous spirit and stuck to my usual.

The stream of patrons was steady and mostly tourist in nature.  I would imagine the evening tends to appeal to locals better but we left before that shift began.  Prices were not cheap but not outrageous, considering the prime location.  I can not attest to the menu but the fare was watered down German.  A nice place to stop once.

Thanks for the pictures A.R.!

Fact that will not once come in handy: The ball at the top of a flag pole is called a truck.


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