Sabinal your Grill

In Food on 06/23/2010 at 3:46 pm

After a lovely extended weekend in Concan, my BFF and I went to the Sabinal Grill http://www.sabinalgrill.com/ located Center Street in Sabinal, TX.  No cars were out front so we were relived to discover the Open sign flashing alluringly in the window.  Not a soul was inside except the wait staff, although once our orders were taken, several tables filled up, around 6:45.  The waitress took our drink orders and returned with plastic wine glasses of water and lime.  Typically, I am all for economics but if you’re going to go with the wine glass mentality, I would recommend getting heavy duty plastic.  The bottoms were uneven and slightly precarious.

The menu included the typical small town fare.  We both ordered chicken fried chicken, which came with salad bar, vegetable of the day and a side.  I chose mashed potatoes, AR chose baked potato.  Plates for the salad bar were doled out directly from the freezer and were too cold to hold comfortably.  I ended up holding the plate with my shirt as there was no bar to slide it along.  Salad bar was minimal but looked relatively fresh.  My only complaint is the three dressing options were all creamy: ranch, blue cheese (I think) and thousand island.  Oil and vinegar were available but looked a bit dusty.

The food came out just as we finished salad.  The portions were generous without being obscene and the veggie of the day was grilled zucchini.  The breading on the chicken was lightly flavored and nice but was abandoned halfway though as a health measure.  The chicken itself was tender and juicy, although maybe a tiny bit undercooked.  The potatoes were bland in an expected way and the grilled zucchini was cooked perfectly.

Overall, the meal was as expected, typical of a small town.  Prices are reasonable and the people were friendly.  And I didn’t have to pick up after myself or wash dishes.  Thanks A.R. for the pics!

No rest for the shaky fact: Jenga is a Swahili word, meaning “to build.”


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