Grill it while its Hot

In Food on 06/16/2010 at 4:36 pm

My place of employment has a very nice cafetorium with a range of tasty foods for both breakfast and lunch.  I usually work through lunch and go down there when I am too lazy to make my lunch at home.  Also, once a week, I have a breakfast taco (bean and cheese with bacon).  This occurs on Tuesday because it’s my most hated day of the week.  Everyone that works there is just lovely and I would definitely eat there every day if I could afford it.

The man behind the grill, Jesse, is quite skilled and has proved quite helpful towards some of my cooking dilemmas (i.e. watermelon radishes).  Today I ate both breakfast and lunch under his direction; I am SO pleased, proper acknowledgments are required.

The most important meal of the day was ginger pancakes with grilled bananas.  Not being a huge fan of raw ginger, I was a tad apprehensive but feeling adventurous mainly because nothing really sounded good.  After a little prodding, Jesse recommended honey and butter as a topper.  The honey was not necessary, as the batter was sweet enough and the warmed ginger was much more akin to gingerbread, but the butter was a perfect melty aspect.  It cut the sweet in strategic places on the bite but melded well.  As typical with pancakes, two was too many but I had been warned beforehand to watch myself before entering a food coma.  The grilled bananas were everything a banana should ever be: slightly melted without mush and sweet like milk.  They had an extra burst of flavor which comes from heating raw fruit and vegetables.

Lunch also began uninspired.  I looped around several times before perusing the grill menu and settled on chicken tenders with sweet potato fries.  The chicken tenders were the usual fare but the sauce coating, a special creation of Jesse, was the real standout.  Asian in ingredients and essence, the flavor was multi dimensional and carried the fried chicken much further than it would have made it alone.  This is what happened with each bite:

1.       Sweet – like quality sweet & sour sauce, savory and enticing

2.       Spice/ heat – warm via spice, without a distinct standout

3.       Enhancing food flavor – sweet and heat faded into the flavor of the meat

4.       Lingering warmth – after swallowing the warmth of the heat remained, like drinking hot chocolate

Normally, I abhor lettuce touching my food normally.  Unless it’s a salad or a lettuce wrap, lettuce adds a funky flavor I do not appreciate, especially when hot.  The piece of lettuce under my chicken tenders, however, added to the flavor of the sauce and was not even a little unpleasant.  Sweet potato fries were tasty, although a little thin.

Great day for the cafeteria.  A very nice send off for my vacation to Concan.  Cheers!

Jif, where have you been my whole life fact: Real diamonds can be made from peanut butter.


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