Gourmet Burger Grill (GBG)

In Food on 06/06/2010 at 11:42 am

Being recently disappointed by a Sonic burger (for SHAME Sonic!), we went to Gourmet Burger Grill today.http://www.gourmetburgergrill.com

It was completely dead on a Sunday at noon, but to be fair, so was the rest of the strip center which is 90% restaurants.  The atmosphere is a bit conflicted; lame nineties music, pendant lighting and an order counter.  There was a little much going on but this may have only been noticeable due to the lack of crowd.

The lady working the front told us the daily specials are around $7 on the weekday and ‘more expensive’ on the weekends.  I ordered the special of the day which was called the Aussie Burger.  Angus beer patty, Canadian bacon, Gouda cheese, an egg and beets on a white roll.  Since all of those items appeal to me (except the beets), this was a great combo.  She did ask me how I wanted it cooked (rare, of course), and I had a range of sides to choose from (salad).  BF got the mini burger sampler, which consisted of five little burgers of beef, lamb, turkey, crab and chicken.  It comes with one sauce and he chose another for 50 cents: steak sauce and lemon remoulade.  The steak sauce was clearly A-1 which was disappointing.  The lamb was dry but overall tasty for a sampler.

Mine was delicious.  I tried the first bite with the beets, and although they were the best beets I have ever tasted ( less tart vinegar and more smoky), ultimately, they were still beets and I have to remove them.  The remaining stain on the bun left a nice flavor.  The egg was slightly runny and a complimentary taste with the beef, cheese and Canadian bacon.  No one flavor was dominate; the even texture of the bread was a perfect end and beginning to the bites.  Though the burger had many elements to it, the overall taste was a consolidation of rich, smokey heartiness.  Every element had a unique vim that complimented itself and one another.

The “gourmet version of common & cheap food” is a niche market that has a niche following.  The current location may not be where this type of food will flourish but I enjoyed it.  Pricey but a nice occasional treat.  Nice range of non-beef burger options as well as a lettuce/bun replacement.

Speaking of moo fact: Holstein cows (the black and white ones) each have a unique pattern.


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