Let’s All Meet Down at the Hangin’ Tree

In Honky Tonk on 05/31/2010 at 11:18 am

In a quest to do something newish, my best good friend and I headed out to the Hangin’ Tree Saloon in Braken, TX http://www.hangintree.com/.  I say ‘newish’ because we have been there twice before BUT it was the last stop on a pub crawl and it would be putting it politely to say I was not in my fullest capacity to take in the place.  So we went in the daylight, without having been to four other places first.

My best good friend has the ability to run into someone she knows everywhere and the Hangin Tree was no exception.  That man with the drink was walking out of the bar as we were walking up and she knows him.  This set a nice, relaxed tone for the evening.  Inside is very dark and it took a few moments for my eyes to adjust.  Later, the ceiling christmas lights came on and it was more festive.  We ordered a beer and stumbled upon a beer garden in the back.  We only stayed out there for a moment because a mosquito almost carried off my purse but the table comprised of a tabletop balanced on a bar stool had a kind of charm to it.

Back inside, we settled down at the bar just off the dance floor.  An elder gentleman sat down next to me and chatted with us the remainder of the evening.  Bill delivered Buttercrust bread all around Texas for thirty some odd years, retiring in the 80’s.  He had some great stories and was a pleasure to be around. That’s him in the white shirt and hat at the bar; that’s me with my mouth open.

The music by James Hand was great, the crowd lively without being obnoxious.  Dancers were fun to watch.  Two more friends showed up and we chatted at the bar until time to leave.  Had a great time talking it up with people, watching people and drinking cold beer.  We headed out with this little tidbit:

You know this is a great post because its got some many awesome pictures.  Thanks to the official photographer of HTF, AR!

What would your theory be? Fact:  “For thousands of years people did not know why we breathe air. Plato and Aristotle believed that nutrients from food were burned in the heart, making the flame that brought warmth and life to the body. They thought that the air that we breathe helped to keep the fire controlled.”

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