Don Pedro Delish

In Food on 05/17/2010 at 4:50 pm

On the southside of San Antonio, there are many institutions.  Missions, historical buildings, hot springs and don Pedro’s.

Open since 1968, this restaurant is my grandmother’s favorite.  Conveniently located next to the cemetery, after the service today, I loaded her into the official vehicle of Honkytonkfoodie and, along with my uncle, sat down in the delightful air conditioning for lunch.  Since my boyfriend eats Mexican food for breakfast AND lunch most days, it is a rarity when I have it for dinner so I avoided the slightly healthier options.  Enchiladas are a risky endeavor if you are not completely familiar with an establishment.  But I had a vision from Our Lady of Refried Beans who told me to go for it.  Two cheese enchiladas smothered in meaty sauce flanked with rice and beans.  Oh, it was fantastically nostalgic.  No annoying shredded lettuce and tomato plate filler, not suffocating under greasy melted cheese.  Just great enchiladas, rice and beans with nothing to hide.

My grandmother always gets the green enchiladas and swears by them, while my uncle ate the Monday lunch special of chicken and zucchini which actually looked quite tasty.  This place is worth a drive down Military Drive.


Seventh grade Texas history fact:  Santa Anna brought chewing gum, as we know it, to the United States.

  1. I hate you… I’m so jealous. I’m going to need to you pack some of that up for me and fly over here and we can eat mexican together!

  2. Thanks for the update on Don Pedro’s. It was our place to go after Spurs games this season. Let me know, is “nastalgic” nasty and old….I rather like the enchiladas…no dairy intolerance here. Wish I could’ve listened in on the uncle’s stories..they are usually a hoot.

    • Even my grandmother commented on yall’s preference after Spurs games! Nostalgic as in friendly service and low key food. No infused anything there! Always nice to go somewhere that doesn’t use cheese as a mask for lack of flavor.

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