Hill Country Honky Tonk Tour 2010

In Honky Tonk/ Food on 05/10/2010 at 4:02 pm

You missed quite the excursion Saturday!  The reliable troops were rounded up for the first Hill Country Honky Tonk Tour sanctioned by Honkytonkfoodie. It included an old favorite, a tasty slice of heaven, served hot and an old joint in which none of us had ever been.

After some discussion on routing, we eventually made it to I-35 South. Exiting into, and quickly bypassing, the town of Devine, we cruised past a couple of hills to Rihn’s Countryside Saloon.

Sandra, whose been there 33 years, was in her usual spot behind the bar and remembered us straight away, even though its been at least four years since we were there.  While she no longer serves Hooch, she still keeps her beer super cold and the bathrooms pimpin’ (more on that in a minute).  We played some pool, pinball, Ms. Pacman AND the claw stuffed animal thing.

And of course the jukebox.

Which didn’t play all of our songs and is a tad expensive (3 songs for $1).  I fully agree I am spoiled by Arkey Blues box that plays 7 songs for $1.

The ladies bathroom is worth the trip.  Always clean and homey, there is an added touch which is naughty AND awesomely early 90’s.  I guess you better see for yourself:

Rihn’s is a good place to chat before it really gets jumping, and then to blend with strangers as the night wears on.  We took a parting pic with the hostess with the mostest on the way out.  Thanks Sandra!

It was definitely time for dinner, so we cruised up the road to Hondo, back to Hermann Sons Steak House.  Being Saturday night, the wait was 25 minutes but they let us drink beer while we waited which was right nice of them.

(Pardon the blurry, its genetic!)  The man in our group went for the biggest steak on the menu, finished it in record time AND ordered the cheesecake.  Us dainty ladies ordered these:

and we ate them like this:

As usual, the down home salad bar was tasty and the service was friendly (sometimes a tad too much so for one member of the group).

Down the road we headed with full bellies and eager anticipation of the Quihi Gun Club.  Established on May 26, 1890, the building looks like this in the day:

Quihi is no longer officially a town so we took a picture to prove the Google maps wrong.

The dance hall itself was very family friendly on that night.  An auction for a local FFA group was going on in the corner and a cover band played a quality South Texas range, from the Cumbia (which I danced) to Taylor Swift (which was a great time to pee).  There were quite a bit of pre-teens running around, which gave the place a feel of a junior high dance but the night was more locals-oriented with the auction and the non-headlining band.  Enjoyable people watching on multiple levels.  People were friendly and the beer was a mere $2.  This place is not air conditioned but there are swamp coolers and fans.

Overall, a delightful trip.  Beer was cheap all night, everyone was agreeable and I got to go somewhere new.  Thanks so much to AS for driving!

Oh, and on the way to the bathroom at Rihn’s, I met up with George Strait.  I did not agree with his shirt choice.

Muted out of Texas history fact:  Out of 254 Texas counties, only one is named for a woman.

  1. That looks like so much fun!! Will you take me with you next time I’m in town? I’m jealous!

  2. Love the post! Can we go again this weekend?

  3. Wonderful!! I’m pondering when I’ll be able to attend a Honkeytonk road trip.

  4. […] like Quihi, there was an abundant of children running around.  Twin Sisters does not accept table […]

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