Two Brothers Again

In Food on 02/07/2010 at 10:45 am

Two Brothers BBQ got another chance last week via a catered dinner party.  I felt conflicted over the last review; although I do not retract any of my opinions, I did feel the place deserved a second chance since the general consensus tends to be positive.  Also, I think consistency is a key element of determining bad as well as good.  Therefore I try to get a second round if possible.  First, here is their sign, courtesy of A.R.

So, the high points were the brisket, which was not fatty and cooked well, and the banana pudding, which was as delicious as it should be.  The meal itself came with brisket, chopped pork and beef, ribs, sausage, chicken, potato salad, creamed corn, beans and mac & cheese.  The chopped items were good with bread and pickles with a bit too much, but to be expected, grease.  The ribs were very meaty and tasted good but did not  have an outstanding flavor.  I put chicken on my plate but could to get to it without unbuckling my pants (which I had to do anyway).  Potato salad was very mild and I had a difficult time afterwards remembering if it was potato salad or mashed potatoes.  Beans were firm and tasty, while the juice was a thick, saucy consistency.  Some people prefer that style, so I will leave it at that.  The mac & cheese could have been a little more melty but it had a classic flavor that blended well with the rest of the meal.

I did have a once bitten, twice shy moment with the sausage and creamed corn.  These were serious lows of the last review.  The reasons I did not try the sausage again 1) it looked the same as last time (squishy and greasy) and 2) bad sausage seriously ruins my day.  I get all cranky and upset, vowing never to eat the meat in casing again.  It’s best to avoid that whole situation.  The reasons I did not try the creamed corn again 1) my plate was tipping the scales at this point and 2) I don’t have a thing for this side like others do so I just let it be.  It still looked like corn with cream pellets mixed together.

In conclusion, the food was better but some things were still unimpressive.  I would definitely eat there again as there are some more unusual items I would like to sample.

Stellar trivia:  In France, The ‘Big Dipper’ stars are known as ‘The Casserole’.


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