My dance, my choice

In Honky Tonk on 01/18/2010 at 4:27 pm

I have a dirty secret that causes a honky tonk conundrum.  I don’t dance.  Oh sure, I shake my booty to silent music at inappropriate times but I don’t dance with a partner across a ground freshly sprinkled with dance floor wax.  There are several reasons for this.  First, since it’s been so long, I grow more uncomfortable every day by the thought of it.  Second, I was never very good in the first place, mostly likely due to my lack of rhythm and high distraction rate.  Third, I’d much rather be watching the good, the bad and the sloppy.  I love to see the older couples who flow with the music and each other.  And those with odd styles of dance (like the Trotter at Arkey’s).  Mostly I like to drill my friends who obliged requests how their dance partner was, then proceed to make guesses as to their background based on this information.  This is entertaining and occasionally accurate.

Sometimes I wish I was comfortable sliding around in step with someone else but usually, I’m happy right where I am.

Random fact of the day:  Catfish have over 27,000 taste buds while the human tongue, on average, has 2,000–10,000 taste buds.

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