The Fun in Funeral

In Food, Random on 01/12/2010 at 4:40 pm

Sometimes funerals are a good time.  This is completely dependent on the circumstances of the death and the deathee but these things can have their moments.  Here are some things I like about funerals:

–          It’s a big ole reunion.  Especially for obscure family members, you get to see people who are not on the usual rotation and meet people you’ve only heard about.  The former often has news about family and are entertaining in their own right.  The latter leads me to my next item:

–          Everyone has stories.  If the deceased is the main focus, most of the stories are about them.  Usually people try to keep the tales upbeat and humorous.  If people are telling family/ friend stories, then anyone is up for a roast.  At most funerals I hear at least one or two stories I never knew.

–          Food is always a factor.  For funerals involving casseroles and Pyrex, it moves me that people are considerate of the grieving families and actively attending to the living.  For destination funerals, especially if the town has an associated history, you get to eat at restaurants with food you either heard about all your life, vaguely remember or dream about on a regular basis.

–          Maybe it’s because I grew up across the street from a cemetery but I think they are lovely places.  The tranquility of consecrated ground with the natural beauty of the outdoors.  Birds are singing, plants are growing, time isn’t a factor.

–          Cattiness is put aside (as much as possible).  Typically, cranky relatives have an off switch when it comes to funerals.  Sibling rivalries get a momentary pause.

–          As long as the person is there.  Which means there is plenty of poking fun at people who aren’t there.  There is gossip about scandalous relatives and speculation abound.  It’s a good distraction from the reason we’re all there.

Consumer trivia: The first product to have a bar code scanned was Wrigley’s gum. 


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