Good Chocolate is Better than Bad Cocaine

In Food on 01/06/2010 at 4:00 pm

Chocolate is not something I crave or even usually consider.  Dark chocolate is most enjoyable, milk chocolate is tolerable and white chocolate makes me cringe.  My consumption of chocolate is typically restricted to social pressure and upon spying unusual confections.  I am a tremendous fan of dark chocolate with orange.  Surprisingly difficult to find, although I have trained some coverts to keep an eye out for it and it seems to appear magically each Christmas.

Dark chocolate, especially well made, is a marching row of flavors.  The uniform is the same and the differences are subtle, making a well-rounded bar in which the flavor is one and a half parts of the experience.  Melt, rigidity, size, texture to the touch and to the tongue, smell of the bar and of the materials it is wrapped are all contributions to the chocolate experience.

Good chocolate should feel like you are doing something naughty.

Noise pollution trivia: Exploding Head Syndrome is real.


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