Things Ain’t Never What They Seem When You Find You’re Living in Your Own Dream.

In Honky Tonk on 12/21/2009 at 3:50 pm

Well, I’ve done it again.  Spent another Saturday night with Robert Earl Keen.  The show was sold out but the crowd was a significant improvement from last year; fewer drunk 50 year-olds reliving their boozey past, and more people there to have a good time who genuinely loved REK.  Everyone was in a good mood, lots of holiday cheer.  Although the performance was energetic, his typical enthusiasm was lacking and he did not seem quite as thrilled as usual to play.  I found this surprising especially since a few months ago, Texas Highways magazine quoted him that Floore Country Store is his favorite place to play.  Overall the music and band sounded good; truly appreciated Brian Duckworth’s contributions to the old school sound.

Afterward, we commandeered the golf cart and headed over to Lester’s (Helotes Country Club) for a final beer.  The bartender there brought us food from the holiday party going on next to the pool tables after telling us we HAD to try this steak salad she had made the mistake of waiting five years to sample.  The standard fare of beans, potato salad and brisket were provided in addition to the Asian-style salad.  It was indeed very delectable.  Despite the beer haze, I tasted cilantro and mint, onion and tomato slivers dancing with minimal lettuce and a spiciness that left my lips slightly tingly.  Refreshing after a night of minimal dinner and Lone Star Lights.

Overall the night was a success.  Relaxing good time with people whose company I enjoy.  Wonder where Robert Earl is playing next…

Great idea fact: In 2008, Japan invented a silent wasabi fire alarm that wafts wasabi vapour. In a test, 93% of occupants woke up within 2 minutes.


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