Dirty Bob’s

In Food on 12/14/2009 at 4:18 pm

When I hear the word ‘lunch’, I think of Bob’s.  Although not the official restaurant name,  Bob is the cook and that’s what we call it.  Everyone in town has their favorite menu item.  I am partial to the salami sub which consists of salami, melted mozzarella and onion, modified to have no lettuce, mustard, extra tomatoes.

The Good:  The bread is made by hand by Bob.  It toasts perfectly and provides the bread experience without a dominant taste.  Ingredients of the restaurant are usually well chosen and fresh.  Even after being gone for almost ten years, Bob still remembers what I’m going to order and how I like it.  His daughter, who I suspect is really in charge, works the counter and is very nice.  My friend loves the meatball sub, and I am not the only one who can’t get enough of that salami sub.  Spaghetti is tasty; garlic bread is heavy on the butter and garlic, in the way you secretly wish garlic bread always came.

The Unfortunate:  Being a favorite hangout joint of a small town, people tend to feel a little too comfortable which means they go in the kitchen and behind the counter on their own.  This is icky in theory and disgusting in reality, which you will understand after reading The Bad.  Furthermore, don’t even think about going in here without makeup on, unless that’s how you normally look (I do).  You will definitely see someone you know and if you don’t know anyone in the area, they will get a good look at you the whole time you’re eating.  Also, Bob does not always make some items, which is a real tragedy when you make a special trip for a meatball sub and he is out of meatballs with no intention of making more that day.

The Bad:  With the risk of being too gentle, this establishment is the most disgusting, dilapidated, run down nest in which I have touched things, let alone consumed edibles in.  It is dirty, has boxes stuff in odd places, carpet rolling up from the floor and a kitchen I would bet money has never been cleaned.  The only semblance of cleaning I have seen is table mat wipe downs and plate clearing.  Usually I recommend first time visitors order out or go in, sit down, eat and leave without looking beyond your nose.

So why do I eat here?  Because its freaking delicious.  I got food poisoning there once, and I still eat there.  (Thank goodness it was on a pizza because the pizza isn’t that good anyway.)

Here is evidence.  Note how I couldn’t even wait for the picture to start eating.  Also note how the pictures do not reveal the facility.

Interesting trivia:  San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments.

  1. Great review! I could eat Bob’s everday, just like Jacalito!!!

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