Where are you Mr. Boh?

In Food on 12/07/2009 at 4:31 pm

Sunday evening was the end of a baby shower double whammy weekend, so I figured I deserved liquor and a steak.  This being the first time steak is mentioned here, there is something about me you need to know: I eat my steak rare.  I truly taste the meat instead of the grill and/or seasonings.  Deep red and grey, barely dead and emitting a faint moo when I cut into it is ideal.  Blue rare is preferred but I only order it when at a very nice steakhouse.

The Barn Door was conveniently located to the final shower and, being a personal favorite of my Madre, we headed over and were seated 15 minutes after the restaurant opened for the evening.  It was delightfully quiet and our waitress was attentive without hovering.  We ordered vodka tonics which proved refreshing and coupled nicely with a big glass of icy water.

I ordered the Ladies filet, their smallest filet; it came with mashed potatoes and green beans.  The potatoes were in (unnecessary) mass quantity, requiring their own medium-sized bowl.  This side was ordered as mashed but several potato arrangements were available.  The green beans, obversely, were not ordered nor mentioned as the additional/ assumed side.  Fortunately I was not hungry for green beans or even anticipating their arrival because they didn’t actually taste like the previously mentioned legume but rather the dominant taste was butter, then an aftertaste of onion, THEN after completely chewing and swallowing, a very faint hint of green bean clung to the rear of my tongue.  I was pleased with my steak.  The meat did not have marbling or fat attachments.  The seasoning (or grill remains) was very slight, serving as a minor zing but did not define the meat.  Amount wise, it was perfect for a light dinner, especially coupled with a giant bowl of mashed potatoes.  My mother ordered liver and onions.  In a gross coincidence, my boyfriend also enjoys L&O, so I ordered some to go.  They both said they were tender and tasty.  To me, they just looked like liver and onions; that is my only comment on the topic.  Overall, a relaxing, enjoyable meal.

As an added bonus, part of the ‘antique’ paraphernalia included a metal sign featuring Mr.  Boh, the beloved symbol of Baltimore.  A friend of mine’s grandfather worked as a brewmaster at this brewery.  Not to be mistaken for the Pringles guy, look for Mr. Boh wherever you see vintage signs.

Useful info: If properly stored, honey is the only food that does not spoil.

  1. Toss the mashed taters next time and go for the twice-baked with jalapenos. You’ll never go back!

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