Listen and Learn

In Honky Tonk on 12/02/2009 at 5:28 pm

This wintery, overcast drearyness is making me sluggish and completely unmotivated.  To cheer myself up, I dug through my box of concert stubs.  These tags remind me of lessons learned while going to concerts:

1. Work your connections.  Sometimes people with power are eager to show it off.  Example: when in Vegas, went to see opening band whom friend’s sister knew.  Ended up meeting a famous musician who dug that I was from Texas.

2. If you go to a show alone, not only will you run into cool people who you can sit with but you will eventually discover some sort of connection. Example: Bikers and Rockabilly fans.

3. Volunteering can lead to interesting things.  Example: Saw a great band called Zydepunks twice while volunteering at the International Accordion Festival.

4. Bigger dance hall does not equal better acoustics. Example: Cowboys Dance Hall has fake storefronts, a riding bull, indoor rodeo arena, bad acoustics and annoying teenagers.  And expensive beer.

5. Unusual venues can be the most fun.  Robert Earl Keen at the Golf Course.

6. I have seen Robert Earl Keen waaaay too much.  Next time is December 19th.

7. Sometimes other people at the concert don’t like it when you dance in the isle.  Security yelled at us for trying to dance at The Backyard.

8. Dwight Yoakum looks even better in tights pants in real life.

9. Obscurity = fun.

10. People notice what you do when you are in seats 1,2,3.  Myself, my sister and my brother-in-law went to a huge ampithear show where Dennis Quaid tried to fill the time in between the acts by drunkingly lurching across the stage with a guitar.  After 1.5 minutes of this, we simutaneously got up from our seats (1,2,3) and walked out.  Then the row behind us did the same thing.

  1. Ahhh, many good points. Amen to #8.

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