Two Brothers BBQ Market review

In Food on 11/18/2009 at 6:15 pm

After schlepping through IKEA – Round Rock with my mom the other weekend, we decided to try the Two Brothers BBQ Market on West Avenue.  It’s behind another restaurant which has fantastic chile rellenos.  We hit up the joint about 7 pm on a nice Saturday evening.  Smelled delightful on the outside.  Not many people inside but there were a couple of families with children on the deck and playscape.

The ordering, payment and receiving processes included three counters which are not in chronological order so it was a tad confusing.  Staff was friendly but not very anxious to alleviate our disorientation or provide recommendations.  We ordered brisket and sausage, with individual sides of potato salad (me) and creamed corn (madre).  The subsequent tray included these items AND two sides of purple slaw which I hesitate to call cole slaw for reasons I will explain later.

1. Brisket – Best thing we had.  Sliced thin but not lunch-meat thin.  A nice smoky taste with minimal fat.

2. Sausage – I would like to start by saying I was raised on Lockhart sausage and therefore my standards are very high.  I typically don’t order this meat on a whim because I am so gosh darn picky.  And this order reminded me of why.  Yuck.  Squishy, greasy, just so disappointingly common.  No hint of spice or taste of the local kitchen.

3. Potato salad – There’s an episode of the Simpsons where they are all sent to hell.  Homer notes that it’s not so bad but begins to scream upon his discovery that hell only serves German potato salad.  I understand everyone likes their potato salad different ways.  Personally, Bill Miller’s variety with a ration of two pickle chips to each bite is pure PS heaven.  Two Brothers version though was having a serious identity crisis.  It was exactly between warm and cool, seasoned and bland, and neither mayonnaise-y or mustard-y.  Like side item purgatory.

4. Creamed corn – Don’t take my opinion 100% on this one but according to my eyeballs and my mom, it was a lotta corn and not a lotta creamed.  So much that it didn’t drip off the spoon, rather corn tumbled off in individual kernels and a splash of white trailed after.

5. Purple slaw – Again, we didn’t order it and no one mentioned why it was on our tray.  If it was supposed to be an enticing demo, it didn’t work.  Notably, it was aesthetically pleasing.  Long purple shard of cabbage, haphazardly tossed and delicately drizzled with vinegar.  Not really a cole slaw type since the pieces didn’t seem to go together but happened to end up in the same dish by fate.

Barbeque sauce was also in short supply.  All three vials were less than half way full and way more ketchup littered the condiment table.  I have been to plenty of places where the meat is so fantastical that sauce is a freaking insult but this was definitely not one of those places.  Pickled things were generously available however.

I wanted really badly for this place to be AWESOME.  But it wasn’t.  There are some intriguing things on the menu; a second visit is not completely out of the question.  They had beer at least but as a final blow, no Lone Star Light.

Intriguing and unrelated tidbit:  One billion seconds equals 31.71 years.


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