Hey Baby Queso

In Food on 11/17/2009 at 4:31 pm

Did the first people who combined a block of Velveeta with two cans of Rotel realize, truly realize, the industrial nature of their actions.  Queso is delicious.  Queso is versatile.  Queso is the word people who “speak a little Spanish” are referring.  It’s a party snack, meat enhancer and drunken fortifier.

According to Wikipedia and Kraft, Velveeta has been pleasing families since first made in 1918 by Swiss immigrant Emil Frey in Monroe, New York, Velveeta is easy melting, featuring a creamy texture and distinctive taste.  Made mostly from magical fantasticness and partly from whey, which due to the amount of nutrients, Velveeta was advertised for its nutrition and is classified by the USDA as pasteurized process cheese product, which ultimately means I have to take Lactaid pills to eat it. http://brands.kraftfoods.com/Velveeta/VelveetaFlashHistory

Rotel, (officially Ro*Tel), per the brand website, is a line of canned tomatoes and green chiles with different varieties of varying degrees of hotness and spiciness. Ro*Tel gets its name from its inventor, Carl Roettele, who figured no one would be able to spell or pronounce Roettele, using the name RO*TEL® instead.  In 1963, the wife of a popular politician in Washington bragged to a national magazine about her recipe for homemade chili, revealing the secret ingredient to be RO*TEL.  http://www.ro-tel.com/rotel-history.jsp Although I highly suspect “her” recipe for homemade chili was actually the cook’s recipe for homemade chili.

Queso lasts forever too.  Just stir in the naturally occurring protective skin, microwave and enjoy like the first time.  Even if you drip it on a crocheted table runner from the seventies, it will maintain its shape indefinitely.  Added bonus if the pattern of said table runner has pre-existing dollops of yellow for the ultimate blending factor.

THE POINT:  Queso is good shit.

Interesting and completely unrelated tidbit of trivia:  At 37 years of age, actor Jack Nicolson of “The Shining” fame, discovered the woman he’d always thought was his sister was actually his mother.  This information was revealed by a Time Magazine journalist doing a feature on him.

  1. Lovely photography.

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