Disclaimers and Clarifications

In Uncategorized on 11/13/2009 at 12:45 am

Day One of personally uncharted blog territory.  I imagine this to be a written form of talking to oneself which is a specialty of mine, therefore, stream of consciousness will be the general style.

Foremost, I am not a professional in either the honky-tonk scene or food industry.  There is no formal training documentation framed on the wall and I am first to admit vast gaps in exposure and knowledge on many, many topics including honky-tonks and food.  Disclaimer complete.

The term honky-tonk may be foreign to some and nebulously confusing to others.  For all purposing of these writings, my personal version is a dance hall where Texas music is played.  Texas music can mean Texas country, alternative country, Americana, Texas rock country, rockabilly and other variations.  What Texas music does NOT mean is country music which is typically played on CMT and national radio, although there are occasionally acceptable cross-overs.

Foodie is also a term which needs to be addressed.  I know the difference between a cherry and a grape tomato.  Apparently this is the test.  There are separate but equal places in my heart for greasy hole in the walls as well as shishi poo poo comestibles.

Now all that’s settled so let’s begin.


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